Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee is a fluffy yellow squared character who appears at the side of the screen and travels through time. He is animated and excited with every spin of the interesting reels that in fact are just triggers to send symbols out of a ball of blue energy. The player can try out this game for fun before placing real money bets which is definitely a good idea. Cubee has an arch enemy in the form of a blue and evil looking Rocco square who appears in different dress with each different era that Cubee travels through. Cubee needs to defeat Rocco in order to move from level to level. In each level Cubee earns generous payouts depending on which symbols appear on the screen. The four main characters of the game that appear as symbols are yellow Spike, blue Lucifer, red Bones and green Casper. Each one of these also changes his appearance as the game progresses through the different eras. The game starts with Cubee in the Stone Age and then proceeds to the Era of Piracy, followed by the Viking Age and finally Cubeeland.

Helping Cubee Travel Through Time and Get Home to Play the Free Spins

In the first level Cubee gains energy only from symbols that are smaller than him and with this increased energy he can continue through the game and defeat Rocco and move to the next level. Rocco is bashed down with every stone mallet that appears on the screen and when he falls over, Cubee moves to the Era of Piracy level. In this level all the characters look like pirates with the addition of eye patches and pirate hats. The game continues with the bonus of every cannon that appears shooting to reveal free spins. The free spins are only played once Cubee reaches Cubeeland. The enemy Rocco is knocked down by the Pirates sword and the player moves to the next level. The next level is the Viking Age where the characters all look like Viking warriors and bows and arrows appearing on the screen award the player multipliers for the free spins. Rocco is defeated after several spins by the Viking axe cutting him down. And Cubee moves to his homeland, Cubeeland where the free spins are played. At any time during the free spins or the base game the progressive jackpot can be won adding to the excitement and of course the winning potential of this unique and special game.