The Big Heist Slots

Police are working around the clock to figure out who is responsible for the big heist that stole all the money. In the meantime players can enjoy some of the tools that the police are using as they play the Big Heist three reel one payline slots game. The game also includes a special bonus feature that is activated once the player has accumulated 50 dials that appear periodically on the symbols. If three of the dials appear on the payline altogether the player is treated to an immediate win of the bonus prize that can be up to 10x the coin bet placed or more.

High Bonus Payouts

The highest payout in this game that allows the player to be one, two or three coins per spin is for landing three of the police badge symbols. In this case the player wins either 200 or 5000 coins with a one or two coin bet. With a three coin bet the player is treated to the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot increases in value with every real money bet that is placed and can reach huge amounts giving the player some great potential wins.