Derby Dollars Slots

Horse racing has been around since before the turn of the century - in all likelihood, miuch longer than even that. If you can't get directly to the track and experience the exhilarating rush of a beasts' speed, Derby Dollars at least lets you get close to the action in terms of cash. Horse racing is a very popular spectator sport, and your heart will jump as the horse you bet on closes the distance. In this 5 reel, 20 payline Video Slot, you can win up to 25 Free Games to extend your winning streak. Saddle up!

Derby Dollars Slot Symbols

The card jackets are elaborately rendered, and show up from 10 through Ace. There's also the Jockey symbol, the Horse Medallion, the Racehorse, a Southern Belle, Elegant Binoculars, and a Gold Victory Cup. How does this particular slot separate itself from all the rest? There are three Scatter symbols, to start, and a single Substitute symbol; which is the Racehorse. This dominating Wild replaces any other symbol except for the Horse Medallion, which - you guessed it - is one of the Scatters.

Keep in mind that, with the Random Progressive Jackpot, you could totally win the big prize at any time in the game - no matter what's happening. What an enticing way to turn your luck around, or extend that good luck even further. While you're waiting, fingers-crossed, for that to happen, the Medallion is capable of landing you those 25 Free Games, which makes it even more likely that you'll get the Random Progressive. The Bonus Round, it turns out, isn't too shabby even if you don't luck out with the jackpot. Nobody dislikes horseracing; a wise man once said that anyone who claims to just hasn't tried or seen it yet. Try your hand at Real time Gaming's Derby Dollars Slots today.