Diamond Mine Slots

Diamond Mines are very lucrative places and even more so in the slots version of the mines where players can place one, two or three coins per spin. Players may also choose the coin size that is appropriate for their personal budget. The options vary from $5 up to $100 coins and being able to place up to three coins per spin means huge bets that hopefully will correspond to huge payouts.

Classic Symbols and the High Paying Symbols

The symbols in this three reel game that has just one payline are all classic slots symbols and include bars, sevens and cherries with the addition of diamonds and dollar signs. The diamonds are scatter symbols and award multiplying payouts when appearing on the payline. The highest paying symbol is the dollar sign that awards anything from 800 coins to 2500 coins depending on how many coins the player has placed in bets. This simple game is dazzling in its symbols and also in the generous payouts that it offers. It is easy to play and there is no need to practice in advance because the player can see it all on the screen.