Great Temple Slots

Great Temple Slots is a fantastic new Aztec themed slot game which is honestly addictive once you get playing. The Great Temple games software is designed following the spirit of the great Aztec civilisation. This slot game has a lot to offer which you will soon see, so stick with us as we work on unravelling the secrets, the ins and out, the must knows of Great Temple Slots. By the end of it you’ll be jumping out of your seat to play.

Must Know Attributes of Great Temple Slots

There are so many great attributes to this game. Starting with the very original and intriguing theme they have chosen which is the ancient Aztec theme. The background greets you with mountains and greenery from a wild countryside. Of course the Temple makes a big statement and the animated characters with their wonderful headpieces are dotted around the screen. This game is suitable for beginner players as well as more experienced players with minimum bets at 0.25 and maximum at 6.25 there is a nice range for players.

Must know Features of Great Temple Slots

The features of this game are what truly makes it what it is. There are so many to choose from but we will start with the Expanding symbols. These are a single symbol that grows across a reel grid and takes up more spaces for more combinations meaning higher chances of getting a row of matching symbols and winning a fantastic cash prize. These symbols are classed as the same symbols in the spin. Meaning it can still be used to score a combination of a certain number. Moving onto the Free Spins which come to you randomly throughout the game. These can lead to great wins and get you cash prizes. There is also Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Wild which all amount to getting players closer to their goal.

To Sum It All Up

Overall this slot game is highly rated. It has a lot to offer its player so no wondering why its been on the rise since it was released, players have been flocking from all over to try out this game and so should you. With an RTP of 96% there is no reason not to. Come and try out the demo mode to see if you like it for free, once you know that the game is like you’ll be sure to try make some money from it. Give it a go today, you wont regret it.