Green Light Slots

Green Light Slots opens with a dance-party bang. This disco-themed Slot is loads of fun, with a car-racing theme headlined by a disco theme. The vehicles represent different countries, so you can get somewhat nationalistic while playing this. The Random Progressive Jackpot let's you know that despite the fun, this is serious, money-winning business here. As a relatively new slot, you can be sure it has some modern features that make winning even more fun than in times past.

Playing Green Light Slots

Green Light Slots is of standard size, with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Clearly, with so many more paylines than a 3 reel slot, you've got plenty of ways to win that big prize at the end. Once you download and start playing, you'll get to use the Bonus Features, Scatter Symbol, Wild Symbol, Bonus Rounds and Free Spins to possibly pad your pockets past the brimming point.

The symbols are appropriate to the theme of the game. There's an American Racecar, there's a Japanese Racecar, a Great Britain Racecar, a Referee, a Championship Trophy, the upper card jackets, a Pretty Blonde, a Bottle of Champagne and more. Play with purpose, and watch as the Progressive Jackpot grows steadily as time goes by - then strike! It could be your lucky evening. Since it's a new slot that's getting a lot of attention, which means on any given day, there could be dozens of players contributing to the pot. The lucky winner will take everyone's share for a well-spent afternoon.

Green Light Slots is by RTG, so you know the payouts are legit and the game is played with consummate fairness. Head to an online casino hosting this high-octane slot and give it a spin - victory cannot be had without (small, in this case) sacrifice.