Triple Tigers Slots

Triple Tigers Slots

Triple Tigers Pokies is clearly an Asian-themed slot that presents to you the best of mythological Oriental attributes. As you can see from the elements, the high-level icons are all the largest of the cats of the wild. The pay table is even decorated with Tiger clause strikes. Many players like the fact that this is a quiet game with no opening soundtrack other than the clicks that follow each action; then, a melody activates when the reels begin to spin. Of course, the option to mute this is available on the game board.

In addition to the Triple Tigers major icons, you also have the traditional Classic Reels symbols such as single bars, double bars and triple bars to payout the lower-valued coins. You can enjoy this slot from any mobile device that supports Apple iOS and android; try it for free in the demo mode before you go all in for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Tiger Symbol Combinations

We've come to the icon combination part of the ferocious Triple Tigers Slots. As listed on the game board, every single symbol combination pays in the traditional reading direction – left to right. Additionally, it only pays out on reels that are next to each other and begins on the left-hand side. Firstly then, the Golden Tiger symbol pays you 5000 casino credits for three of a kind showing up simultaneously. Next up, and similarly-value, is the Royal Purple Tiger symbol: is worth 3000 casino credits for three of a kind showing up at the same time. The final Big Cat symbol is the Jade Tiger, which is worth a hefty 2000 casino credit price tag for three of a kind showing up on the dot.

Since this gives Classic Slots vibes, it should come as no surprise that the very lucky 8 (in Chinese lore) also shows up as a paying symbol. Three of a kind of the festive Red 8 icon pays you 1000 casino credits. After this is a Golden Tiger Clause symbol, three of which showing up pays you 800 casino credits. That concludes this subsection on the character icons in Triple Tigers Slots.

Finally, the age-old classic bar symbols make an appearance on the reels. The first one is the Green Triple Bar; three of a kind of these showing up pays you 500 casino credits. The next one is the Gold Double Bar symbols, three of which pay you 300 casino credits when they appear together. Then we have the single Rent Bar symbol, three of a kind pays you 200 casino credits. The final symbol in the game is represented by any of the previous bar symbols showing up three times in a row; this delivers 100 casino credits to the player.

Download Triple Tigers Slots Today for a Fun Night of Gaming

Triple Tigers Slots is from the casino gaming outfit Pragmatic Play, and it has been around for a little while. The free spins, bonus rounds and special features that you’d usually find in video pokies are absent here; the game-makers opted for a simple, barebones bout of online gaming. You can bet up to 5 Euros upon download, as well as take advantage of the promotions that are available to members. Try your hand at the Tiger spot today and see how far you can get.