Warrior Conquest Slots

Expert swordsmen and samurais are the central themes to Warrior Conquest Slots from the legendary gaming provider, Real Time Gaming. Mighty men of war are on the hunt to find and dispatch a great dragon that is patrolling the Oriental countryside. As you cut down enemies, the huge rewards open up to you if the symbols on the reels line up favorably. You will learn what it truly means to be a samurai.

Checking Out the Template/Theme

You cannot help but be impressed by the traditional grid layout of this video slot, which is a maximum of 729 possible winning combinations heralded by a minimum of 27 such combos. As the samurai warriors take on the fiery Dragon, your ability to land sort strikes via the symbols and reels can lead to some serious rewards. Of course, this is all virtual, and the real gameplay is the same as any old 5 reel video slot. Some of the bonuses inside the game take the form of power-ups that can be used to open up new doorways to gaming success. As can be seen on one of the gaming screens, the following are known as the 7 Principles Held By Samurai Warriors:

  • Respect

  • loyalty

  • honor

  • integrity

  • compassion

  • honor

  • and honesty

With medium volatility and an average Return to Player value, you can expect to win some decent prizes and then some. There are no major jackpots in the game, but there are quite a few opportunities to gather up free spins in Warrior Conquest Slots.

Warrior Conquest Icon Paytable Payouts

Arguably, the best symbol in the game is the Dragon Eye; it functions to make substitutions in order to improve your chances at a winning combination by knocking off symbols. With this in mind, the wild Dragon Eye cannot replace the scattered Bonus symbol. The Dragon Eye symbol only appears on the second and third reels in the normal version of the game; in the bonus section, it can now start showing up on the fourth, fifth and sixth reels when the special feature is activated (the Multi-Reels). As for the scattered Bonus symbol, six of a kind get you 20 game credits, five of a kind get you 10 game credits, four of a kind is worth 5 game credits and three scattered Bonus Symbols get you a single game credit; furthermore the lowest number of three of a kind unlocks the Warrior Conquest Extra Games Feature.

As for the other game icons, let's begin with the red lady; six of her pays you 600 game credits, whereas five of a kind of the red lady is worth 500 game credits, four of the red lady symbols in Warrior Conquest Slots pays 400 game credits, and three of a kind is still worth a considerable 300 game credits. Next up is the Emerald's and arrive – which just so happens to be a woman, uncharacteristically; six of her is worth 300 game credits, five of a kind of the green Emerald samurai symbol pays you 250 game credits, four of a kind is worth 200 credits and three of a kind pays 150 game credits.

The powerful purple samurai symbol, for six of them showing up simultaneously, is worth 150 game credits; five of the purple samurai symbol pays 100 game credits, four of a kind of the purple samurai equals 80 credits, and three of a kind of the formidable purple samurai icon pays you 60 credits. Finally there's the vibrant blue samurai symbol, which for six of a kind pays you 100 credits; five vibrant blue samurai symbols are worth 60 credits, four of a kind pays 50 credits and three blue samurai icons pay you 40 credits. The last symbols in the game consists of a green heart, a blue clover, red diamonds and purple spades. Download Warrior Conquest Slots and have a go at this excellent gaming option.