Frozen Assets Slots

It may be warm and sunny outside but it is cold and icy when playing this cute slots game that has one payline across three reels. Players may place one, two or three coins per spin and they can also choose their coin sizes with the highest coin size naturally offering the largest payout. This game at first glance looks like a very simple game but there are some added extras to the game that include a special snowman bonus.

Frozen Payouts

When placing a three coin bet and landing three of the frozen seven symbols the player earns the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot grows with every real money bet that is placed. With a two coin bet and three of the frozen blue symbols players receive 150 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 75 coins. Every time a snowflake appears on the screen the player receives bonus points and when he has accumulated 200 bonus points he is rewarded with a bonus payout. Frozen Assets is a simple yet rewarding slots game to play with some chilling symbols but luckily it can be played from the warmth and comfort of home.