IRIS 3000 Slots

I.R.I.S. slots stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slots and it is based in a nuclear reactor. This game is not like standard slots although it is classified as a slots game. It can be described as having one payline and the option of up to seven reels but in fact it is seven doors that the player is invited to open when playing the game. There is a progressive jackpot that can be won when landing five of the radiation symbols and having placed a three coin bet with all lights lighting up, but more of that later.

How to Choose Door Reels

This game has a set coin size of $0.50. The player can place one, two or three coins per game. When the player has placed his bet he is invited to choose five out of the seven doors on the screen, these are like reels. If the player has matched up five symbols they he wins a payout based on the pay table that is shown at the top of the screen. With a two coin bet the player benefits from a travelling red light on top of the reels and depending on where it stops it gives the player an extra door to open. With a three coin bet the player receives two red dots that travel across the reels and if they light up, one reveals an extra door and the other reveals a multiplier of between 2x-10x for any payout that is won. This game takes some getting used to because it is not like a standard slots and there is also the progressive jackpot that is won if the player lands five of the radiation symbols and a multiplier of 10x with a three coin bet. My suggestion is to try out this game for fun before placing real money bets, just to get used to the idea and the opening of doors that replace the spinning reels. Once you have understand the concept of this game, it will be more than enjoyable and also rather rewarding for the lucky player.