Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Gold is never far away when thinking about Pharaoh and definitely not in this simple and enjoyable slots game that houses three reels and three paylines. Players are able to choose their own coin value that ranges from $0.05 up to $5 and the player can also choose to place single coin bets, two coin bets per spin or three coin bets per spin.

The Lifeline of Egypt

The symbols in the spinning reels are all related to the life in Egypt with the main symbol being the Pharaoh. Other symbols include the cobra snake , beetles and even a camel that overlooks the whole game. Players can try out the game for fun but because of its simplicity they may not feel the need. The highest payout is awarded for three of the Pharaoh symbols appearing on the third payline, giving the player 100 coins. If appearing on the first or second payline the player wins 50 coins. There is not much else to the game but that makes it so enjoyable, it is simple fun and easy to play.