Outta This World Slots

This is one of those slots where the title tells you almost everything you need to know. If you enjoy outer space and aliens, then this 5 reel, 20 payline Real Video slot with arresting graphics is tailor-made for you. Real Time Gaming outdid itself with this one; the visual impression it leaves on you is one you won't soon forget. You can bet up $5 per payline, so use the Welcome Bonuses you get at US-friendly casinos carrying Out of this World Slot wisely - winning with House money is one of the most satisfying feelings out there.

The Symbols and Gameplay Are Out of this World

Like the earthbound pirates of old on their ragged wooden boats, you're traipsing through space looking for gold. Your ship is much more state-of-the-art, though, and the things you'll run into have never been seen by human eyes till now. The symbols on the reels are card suits, Flying Saucers, an Alien Traveler, an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Phase Beam Gun, Alien Species and more. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge is more popularly known as a Black Hole, and running into this symbol will net you huge wins.

There are Multipliers, Free Games, Expanding Wild Alien symbols, and the Black Hole Scatter. The Alien wild can replace any other symbol to make a winning payline except for the Black Hole - which is fitting, because whatever enters a Black Hole cannot leave, according to classical Einsteinian Relativity. If you're lucky and persistent enough to get five Spaceships on a single payline, 7500 big ones could be yours. The Outta this world symbol is also a winner, delivering one-third as much.

Playing to Win

Remember; Outta this World Slots is a Progressive, which means the jackpot can grow virtually without end. It can truly be a life-changing amount of money won, and there are plenty of in-game attributes to increase your chances.