Tiger Treasures Slots

Although the lion gets a lot of credit, the tiger is actually the King of Cats. Perhaps this is the reason that Real time Gaming has seen fit to award the mightiest feline with its very own Tiger Treasures Slots. It is a good, solid-sized game with 5 reels and 20 paylines, giving you confidence in all the many ways you can win something from it. The Bonus features are considerable, and you can bet a big $100 per line if you so choose. If your pockets aren’t quite that deep, then you can opt to bet as little as a single penny; the more you put in, thought, the more you stand to win – but isn’t that just a microcosm of life, itself?

Tiger Treasures Slot Options

Although this is a lucrative paying Slot, Tiger Treasures is available in Flash mode also. This Instant Play feature lets you try it on for size to see if it fits your style. There are, however, many incentives for playing it for real that are just difficult to pass up. First of all, it has a Random Progressive Jackpot and Free Spins. There’s an option for the unvarying jackpot of 4,500 credits, too.

The symbols on the reels are a Tiger, Hieroglyph, Red Ruby, Panda Bear, Butterfly and Flower. The Tiger is the wild symbol, and the Hieroglyph is the Scatter. The Wild can replace all other symbols except for this Hieroglyph. The upper card jackets also represent their poker origins well.

Winning big consists of getting at least three Red Ruby signs and a single Tiger for the lowest jackpot of 2250 credits. An even better win consists of getting five Panda Bear symbols, along with five Red Ruby symbols for a cool 3,000 credits. Insofar as the static jackpot is concerned, the biggest win coming your way happens with a Tiger and four Red Ruby symbols for 4,500 credits.