Yuan Gu Sheng Shou Slots

Sometimes it is nice to play a simple and easy slots game with no complicated bonus games and no extra symbols. The Yuan Gu Sheng Shou slots game is just that. This is a five reel slots game that has ten paylines. Symbols in the game are cartooned animals that represent the different icons of the new year in China. Players may try out the game in the fun version before placing real money bets. When ready to place real money bets, the player can place up to $10 per bet bet choosing to place more than one coin per spin.

Simple Easy Fun

The game is very simple to play and in order to win, all the player needs to do is line up same symbols on a payline. The player starts receiving payouts when two or more of the same symbol line up next to each other on the screen. It is as simple as it sounds. The payouts for the different symbols are detailed on the pay table and there are no extra symbols or bonus options to complicate this fun and easy game.