Bank on it Slots

Bank on it Slots is a gorgeous three reels slots game with just one payline. That may sound too simple for some players but they should not despair, this game is in fact extremely enjoyable and offers the player not just a chance to win huge amounts by placing one, two or three coins but there is also an extra bonus feature that includes a piggy bank!. Players can try out the game for fun before placing real money bets and they can choose a coin size that suits their personal budget. This game is full of opportunities and players will soon discover this when they start playing.

High Payouts and Piggy Bank Wins

The highest payout is awarded for landing three of the red 7 symbols on the payline. With a single coin bet the player receives 400 coins, with a two coin bet the player receives 800 coins and with a three coin bet the player receives 1400 coins. If the player lands three blank positions on the payline, the coins that he bet are moved to the piggy bank each time. If and when the player lands three pigs on the payline with a maximum bet the player wins the contents of the piggy bank. This is an added bonus feature that definitely adds excitement to the game and cuteness!