Jackpot Sevens Slots

All symbols are not created the same, as you will find out, and you should keep your eye on the red Strawberry as well as the pinkish Melon and purple plum for some considerable payouts if luck looks your way. The special bonus features that can be unlocked by the Scattered Diamond icons. You will find that Jackpot Sevens has two such large prizes with which to entice the real money players amongst you. The Start Boost symbol in the game functions as the substitute, and when it lands all by itself you are in the running for some unique rewards that include but are not limited to free games and multipliers. NetEntertainment's Jackpot Sevens Slots is really here to change the game.

Deeper Slots Details

As you are carried away by the unmistakable beauty of the fruits symbol designs, and the visions of the future that they inspire, don't forget to take into account the Return to Player value that determines how much you win per extended playing time. The RTP equals 96.02%, which basically means that for every $100 you wager on this lot on average, you will receive just over $96 back. Obviously, this is how the casino makes money! But for the lucky gamer, all it takes is one big win to capture the incredible top jackpot of 200,000 x – truly, a life-changing amount of moolah.

We promised to delve a bit into the special bonus feature, and here it is: when you line up the symbols as outlined in the game pay table, you'll see that a minimum of three scatter Diamonds is necessary to activate or trigger 15 extra rounds. This increases in increments if you land for of a kind of the Diamond scatter and then five of a kind of the Diamond scatter symbol. For the latter (five of a kind of the Diamond Scatter), you will win an 800 x payout, with x being whatever you wagered in the real money version of this Pokey. If you think that this is a lot of money, then just go ahead and keep on playing until you obtain the Holy Grail of 15 Diamond scatters to stay in a position: this will unlock a staggering 100,000 x jackpot prize.

The last possible jackpot in Jackpot Sevens Slots is known as the Lucky 7s Jackpot. Since this appears in a special round, it's possible to double the maximum amount that you can win in the previous Scatter Jackpot – to a total of 200,000 x for five of a kind in this high volatility game. Hopefully, you can trigger the Start Boost to the reels with tiny star icons that show up during the free spins around to unlock additional scatter symbols as well as multipliers toward your goal of winning as much as possible.

Maximum Symbol Payouts in Jackpot Sevens Slots

Concerning the top-paying symbols in the game, we begin with five of a kind of the Red Strawberry; this leads to an 8000 x reward on the payout lines. Identically, five of a kind of the Pink Melon symbol get you 8000 x.

The remaining mid-level paying symbols are as follows: five of a kind of the Yellow Lemon pays you 4000 gold coins time your wager, whereas five of a kind of the Citrus Orange symbol get you 4000 gold coins, five Red Cherries are icons that pay you 4000 game coins and five of a kind of the Purple Plum symbol is worth yet again 4000 coins times your bet.