Legend of Helios Slots

With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, this mobile slot brings the atmosphere of ancient Greece right into your living room, courtesy of the ancient SunGard Helios. You can play the demo version for free, or download for four access to the multipliers, bonus rounds and free spins available to the lucky player.

Legend of Helios Pokey actually has several special bonus symbols, with this second one being the Mystery Symbol of Legend of Helios Signage; it has the ability to alter its appearance and take on a new appearance of another symbol. The next symbol after that is the scattered version of a pink Bonus Bar, which shows up on the fourth reel alone and can trigger the Wheel Spins feature to get you either one, two or three free games.

Bonus Icons to Help You Unlock Features

The top-rated bonus symbol in Legend of Helios Slots is of course a son-centered WILD symbol, which makes the appropriate substitution for every non-scattered symbol in the game and thus helps the player complete a winning combination. As for the scatter – which is also known as the Bonus – this is the symbols that, while it cannot replace other symbols to help improve the payouts, if you managed to land three of a kind on the reels at the same time it will activate the Bonus Portal for some really awesome prizes. The scatter Bonus ball has to show up on the second, third or fourth reels in order to activate said Portal.

Legend of Helios Realm of the Gods Paytable Icons

In the realm of arcane gods, the first symbol is none other than Zeus the white beard; five of a kind of the sky God get you 750 gold coins; for four of a kind of Zeus the sky God of Greek mythology symbol, you win 80 gold coins, and three of a kind of Zeus pays you 25 gold coins. After this is the raven haired goddess known as Hera; five of a kind of Zeus's wife pays you 250 gold coins; for four of a kind of Hera you win 60 gold coins, and three Hera symbols are worth 20 gold coins.

In the middle tier, the icons begin with the goddess of the seasons the Demeter; five of a kind of Demeter pays you 150 gold coins; four Demeter symbols pays you 50 gold coins and three of a kind of the season-goddess is worth 15 gold coins. Now we have the sun gods chariot symbol; five of a kind of the chariot of Helios symbol pays you 100 gold coins; for four of a kind of the sun god's chariot symbol you win 25 gold coins, and three chariots pays you 10 gold coins.

Representing the world-renowned table game poker, we first begin with the pink Ace; five pink aces pays you 50 gold coins, for four of a kind of the pink Ace symbol you win 15 gold coins, and three of a kind of the pink Ace pays you five gold coins. The Lavender King symbol pays you 50 coins for five of a kind, 15 coins if you land four of a kind and 5 coins for three of a kind (of the Lavender King). Next we have the shimmering Queen; five of a kind is worth 25 coins, for four shimmering Queen symbols you get 10 coins and three of a kind of the Queen pays you 5 coins. The final symbol in the game is an electric green Joker; five of a kind pays 25 gold coins, four electric Joker symbols pay you 10 coins and three of them are worth 5 coins.

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