Sparky 7 Slots

From the world-famous Real Time Gaming comes what looks to be a futuristic Steampunk Classic pokey by the name of Sparky 7 Slots. Along with the strikingly updated vision comes a brand-new feature not seen before in online gaming casinos: the so-called Transferring Symbols Feature. Will get into exactly how this works a little bit later on in this short review which is meant to pique your interest in creating an account at Jackpot Capital Casino to give it a run.

Despite the updated look, Sparky 7 Slots retains the traditional classic pokey visage so as not to throw off the veteran casino gamers. As the game progresses, you have a chance to luck into multiplier wild symbols, free spins, something called win multipliers, and the much-talked about Transferring Symbols feature. Together, all of these just might result in the pinnacle jackpot of 50,000 x your wager.

Sparky 7 Slots Game-Board Arrangement

RTG really has something special with this slot machine, because it uses the Classic countenance for ease of gameplay, while endowing the game board with a visually-enticing futuristic look to draw in the newcomers of this era. You'll find all the usual suspects when it comes to the character symbols in a classic pokey, including triple BARS icons as well as singles and doubles. Of course, there colored green, red and blue – with the red-hued 7 symbols being the most valuable of them all, and the blue-hued 7 symbols being second with red and green last.

The board layout is of course 3 x 3, and all the pay lines are fixed; as such, you can wager as little as $0.50 per spin, to as much as 5 coins per spin. The Return to Player metric is pre-much average at 96%, so that the high volatility and variance are capable of leading to reasonable-sized payouts at a reasonable clip.

Classic Icons and Bonus Features

The first thing you want to know about as a real cash player is probably the in-game chances of corralling free spins to further your winning streak. Well we've got good news for you: all it takes is at least three Bonus Icons to show up on the game grid and activate the 7 Free Games that are available for that amount. Of course, if you get four of a kind or five of a kind, then there are even more free games available. Boosting this attribute is a right-side box that will activate and start to push out win multipliers as well as multiplier wild symbols to further enhance your pay line results.

As for the values of the different symbols, three of a kind of the Red 7 symbols pays you 500 coins. Three of a kind of the Blue 7 symbols are worth 100 coins, and three Green 7 symbols showing up simultaneously pays you 60 coins. Next is the Triple Bar icon; the symbols are worth 40 coins for three of a kind, and three of the Double Bar icons are worth 20 coins. The remaining symbols involve singles and combinations; the first of which is a combination of the Green 7, Blue 7 and Read 7 get you 15 coins for any three of them on the pay lines. If you get the Single Bar symbol three times in a row then your payout is 2.40 x, and a combination of various Bar symbols still results in a 5 coin payout for three of them.