Bonkers Slots

Simple clean fun is what waits for you in the Bonkers slots game. This is a three reel slots game with just one payline. It is filled with classic slots symbol that include different colored 7's, bars and then there is the special bonkers symbol. Players can try out the game for fun before placing real money bets and when ready for real money bets the player can choose to place single coin bets, two coins per spin or three coins per spin. The player can also choose the coin size that best suits his personal budget.

Winning the High Payouts

The highest paying symbol is the red 7 that awards players 1200 coins when three appear on the payline. With a two coin bet the player receives 400 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 200 coins. There is an added feature that makes use of the Bonkers symbol. If two of the Bonkers symbols appear on the payline the player wins 3 free spins, ostensibly they are re-spins. With three of the Bonkers symbols on the screen the player wins 10 free spins. A counter at the side of the screen digitally counts down the number of spins remaining for the player. Although simple, there are many opportunities to win large amounts of money in this well laid out and fun slots game.